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- Biologic Exhaust Air Purification Plants



Biological air treatment is for various companies and municipalities an economic and efficient solution to reduce odours, hazardous substances and solvents in the exhaust air. BIOCAT-Filters have successfully assembled been used in various application areas for many years.

  • High efficiency in removing odours 
  • Effective separation of dusts and aerosols 
  • High level of operational reliability and plant availability
  • Low operating costs , e.g. due to low pressure losses in the entire plant
  • Low investment costs because of a compact and space saving construction No discharge of increased secondary emissions (NOX, SO2, dioxins etc.)
  • The system's modular construction:
  • The plant can be adapted to changed input parameters step-by-step
  • Separate activation and deactivation of the individual BIOCAT-Filter segments for maintenance work

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