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- Model CFAS - Combined Fixed Film Activated Sludge System (IFAS)


The Biowater CFAS (IFAS) utilizes the benefit of a traditional activated sludge process combined with a biological fixed-film system to create a highly efficient wastewater treatment plant in a much smaller footprint. The process begins with the introduction of polyethylene biomass carriers into the activated sludge. The activated sludge removes the majority of the BOD while the biofilm is allowed to grow in the protected biomass carrier. The biomass in turn oxidizes the ammonia. The Biowater CFAS (IFAS) is particularly well suited for retrofitting existing activated sludge plants to add nitrification as well as increasing the BOD removal in the same tank. The Biowater CFAS IFAS is also perfect for use in new construction.

  • Upgrade of existing activated sludge plants to achieve nitrification.
  • Compact - Doubles the capacity of an existing Activated Sludge plant. For new plants the footprint is very small. For retrofits existing tanks can be used.
  • Flexible - BOD, Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal can be included.
  • Stable - Self regulating biofilm ensures stable treatment under variable loads. No clogging.
  • Sludge Production - Produces sludge with low sludge volume index. This is efficient for following separation and sludge treatment processes.
  • Low Capital Cost

The basis of our CFAs biofilm technology is the biological growth on polyethylene pieces called media or carriers. these surfaces provide a protected room for the biology to grow. the biofilm can handle extremely high loading conditions without any problems with clogging or shock. biowater’s CFAs (IFAs) solution represents a key technology for winning strategic deals now and in the near future.

Biowater technology will guide you through the process form start to finish.

  • upgrade existing plants
  • greenfield plants
  • training/education
  • consulting
  • pilot testing
  • budgetary planning
  • energy analysis

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