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After various methods of purification, the raw water is used to supplement the water lost in the water and steam circulation system of the power plant. The natural water without purification contains a lot of impurities, if this kind of water enters the boiler directly, it will cause all kinds of harm, such as scaling and corrosion of the equipment, which also threatens the safety of the staff in the factory. Therefore, in order to ensure good water quality in the thermal and power system, it is necessary to properly purify the natural water and strictly supervise the quality of steam and water.

  • The main task of using boiler supply water system to treat the water before entering the boiler is to ensure the supply of sufficient quantity and qualified desalted water in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.
  • The boiler supply water system provided by our company has high salt rejection rate and water reuse rate of 95%. It has become the preferred boiler supply water system for many heating companies and power plants.
  • The boiler supply water treatment system is designed with reverse osmosis pre-desalting system.
  • Boiler supply water treatment system consists of two parts: pre-desalting system and ion exchange desalting system.
  • The pre-desalting system includes ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, dosing system, chemical cleaning system, compressed air system and so on.
  • Ion exchange desalination system includes ion exchange system, acid-base regeneration system, compressed air system, wastewater neutralization treatment system and so on.
  • The boiler supply water treatment mode is filtration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis pre-desalting, first-stage desalting and mixed bed treatment system.
  • Process: pretreatment + RO (reverse osmosis) + mixed bed.

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