Boode Waterwell Systems

- Model BGP - Gravel Coated PVC Screen


Boode BGP is a gravel-coated PVC screen for water well installations in areas where suitable gravel packs are not readily available, but a sand-free water supply is essential, where multiple aquifers are targeted or where installations are very deep and a filter pack needs to be correctly & accurately placed. Boode BGP is a bespoke solution, ideal for the rehabilitation of damaged or corroded wells or where a smaller diameter borehole is required. There is virtually no permeability loss as the powerful waterproof bonding replaces normal capillary retention. The gravel coating consists of carefully selected, uniform silica gravel (>98,6% SiO2). BGP Screen is available in diameters from 33mm to 400 mm.

Advantages of BOODE BGP Screens:

  • Gravel coat uniform and same thickness over full length of screen, ensuring 100% coverage.
  • BOODE BGP is totally non-corrodable.
  • Highly recommended for rehabilitating existing damaged and corroded wells.
  • Smaller diameter borehole required.
  • Prevents borehole collapse.
  • Collapse resistance increasedn 31, KIWA and WRAS

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