Boode Waterwell Systems

- PVC Well Screen and Casing


Boode PVC well screen and casing is manufactured from carefully selected materials (Boode Select PVC). The combination of the highest grade compounds, calcium zinc-based stabilisers and the latest extrusion, slotting and threading technology makes Boode products the finest in the world.  Boode Select PVC screen and casing is available in a range of threaded connections with the highest joint stripping loads or for solvent welding utilising a specially developed solvent. Boode’s solvent weld connection (Type A) is one of the strongest connections on the market. Boode Select PVC screen and casing is available up to 630mm (24”) and can be installed to depths in excess of 300 metres.

Water wells, dewatering, geothermal systems, water abstraction wells, recharge wells, monitoring boreholes, well point dewatering, deep well dewatering, salt water intakes, pressure relief wells, aquifer storage & recovery wells and for irrigation purposes.

  • Safe, legal & compliant for potable water abstraction
  • Superior maximum tensile strength, collapse resistance and joint stripping loads.
  • Highest quality lead free PVC compounds
  • Smallest possible screen slots in the market
  • Strongest threaded & solvent weld connections on the market
  • Cost-effective and long lasting
  • Fully approved to Regulation 31, KIWA and WRAS

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