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- Model BM-0008 - XRF Binders 250g (Replacement for Boric Acid)



For the preparation of pressed pellets for XRF, in most cases, a binder is required. One of the traditional materials used as a binder or backing material is boric acid. However, recently this will be classified by REACH as toxic. Based on this health issue, boric acid is now not considered an appropriate material for this application.

BOREOX, a direct replacement. This is a harmless organic material which shows excellent binding properties and high stability under x-rays. It is particularly good when used as a backing material.

CEREOX can be used alternatively, CEREOX is comprised of a wax, previously known as Hoechstwax. This material is clean and very stable under x-rays. Mixed with a sample (1 part wax to 4 parts sample) CEREOX forms a perfect pellet with any material.

CELLEOX is a cellulose based binder. The binding properties are not so good as BOREOX and CEREOX. Therefore it is mostly used as grinding aid. A particular property is the adsorption of liquids so it can be used, mixed with aggressive liquids, for analysis in a sample cup.

MULTIMIX is a grinding aid which is harder than CELLEOX and especially good for hard sample materials such as cement or sand. Typically, 2 to 3 0.25 gram tablets would be added to 30 gram of sample in the mill.

Sample and binder must be mixed homogeneously. FLUXANA recommends their automatic mixer MU-K-Mixer.


  • Packing:    bottle
  • Content:    250 g
  • Weight:    0.30kg

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