- Model CF200 - Band Screen For Advanced Water



Brackett Green® CF200® band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair pinning. The central flow pattern is most effective in removing suspended solids from wastewater and removes the problem of 'carryover' found in other types of screens. Screenings are retained on the inside of the panels and are discharged by low pressure water jets. Our advanced design makes Brackett Green® band screens an ideal solution for any screening application.

Individually tailored for each installation, the Brackett Green CF200 band screens are suited to new treatment works and optimizing screening performance within existing plants, usually with minimum modification.

Brackett Green CF200 features:

  • Enclosed head section with access panel
  • Shaft mounted drive
  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Positive sealing so that nothing larger than the screen mesh aperture size can bypass the screen
  • All Brackett Green screens are of high quality and of substantial construction.
  • Depending on the screen aperture chosen Centre Flow (CF) band screens provide the highest screenings capture in the industry today with capture ratios from 80%-97% at 6.0mm-1.0mm apertures.
  • The patented ProPaPanels units are 9.0mm thick to eliminate hairpinning or stapling of hair and fibrous solids, as well as incorporate tapered holes that minimize potential plugging of the holes from wedged debris and kitchen grease. Screen panels of steel or other metallic mesh, slots or plastic panels of lesser thickness may reduce, but not eliminate hairpinning. They often require brush cleaners, greater wash water pressures, water volume and increased service & maintenance.
  • Ovivo’s proprietary sizing technology and program software insures proper sizing of screens for the control of critical entrance, screen and exit flow velocities while maintaining acceptable headlosses and plant hydraulics.

The CF200 band screen adopts a central flow pattern, i.e. water enters the center of the screen, flows through the bottom and two sides of the moving band of screen panels, to the outside of the screen chamber where they recombine and flow downstream. Research has proved the central flow principle is the most effective means of removing suspended solids for waste water applications.

Screenings are retained on the inside of the screen panels and are dischargedwhen the panels elevate to deck level where they are cleaned by low pressure water jets.

The design has been standardised so that the machine is available in a range of front opening and screening panel width increments.

Debris elevation is by means of an endless moving band of screening panels through which the water passes. Debris collected on the mesh panels is raised to deck level and removed by backwashing with wash water jets. The wash water and debris is discharged from the screen via a launder channel.

Main chains, supported by two sprockets above deck, carry the screening band. The main chains run in guide sections fitted with replaceable and/or sacrificial stainless steel guides to allow quick in situ replacement when worn, located in a self supporting fabricated frame.

Drive is provided by an electric motor through a shaft - mounted reduction worm gear unit.

The CF200 band screen incorporates drilled uPVC or moulded polyurethane mesh panels with round holes. Sizes range from 2mm diameter to 10mm diameter apertures.

To prevent solids bypassing the band screen, a contact seal is utilised.

  • High performance two dimensional screening
  • Zero carryover sealing. Independently proven to remove up to 90% of debris
  • High debris carrying capacity
  • Supplied as a free standing single unit for ease of installation
  • Low pressure jet cleaning prevents blinding and need for brushing or manual cleaning
  • Centre flow (CF) band screens offer the greatest available screening protection
  • Highest efficiency (rated No.1 by professional independent study)
  • Patented seals offer industry leading “carryover” reduction
  • Reduces downstream design loading

  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime because of increased capture ratio which increases efficiency of treatment plant.
  • Patented design eliminates hair-pinning reducing maintenance costs
  • Supplied as a pre packaged unit reducing Installation costs.
  • Robust design and corrosion resistant materials reduces whole life costs.
  • Fully automatic operation requiring minimal operator attention reduces running costs and reduced plant power consumption
  • Single motor design reduces running, ancillary and electrical costs

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