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Tillage farmers know the benefits of crop rotation, regular ploughing and other ways of maximising the growth potential through managing soil quality and structure in their fields.Grassland farmers have had to rely on increasing levels of fertiliser and regular reseeding to push production levels with out any guarantee of consistent quality.uality.

  • Grow more Grass
  • Grow better quality grass
  • Maximise grazed grass
  • Maximise grazing days
Farmersknow that grazed grass is the cheapest source of energy for livestock and that grass silage is more economic than compound feeds.

We also know from research that maximising grazed grass in diets can improve milk yield and quality as well as improved daily live weight gain.

In addition, research has shown that every extra days grazing can be worth up to €2.70 per animal per day. 

So  why aren’t you managing your grassland to its maximum potential?

Why Aerate?

Poor crop colour, patchy growth and declining yields!  Sounds familiar?  Traditional solutions have been to plough and reseed but this is costly and loses the benefit of the mixture of grasses and clovers which exist on mature pasture and silage ground.   Better to cultivate your grassland – manage it through regular slitting and shattering of compaction zones which cause many of these problems but do it at the right time and in combination with other grass improvement activities.

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