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The micrOTOF-Q range is widely acknowledged in setting standards in performance and reliability by which all other accurate mass ESI mass spectrometer are judged. micrOTOF-Q III demonstrates the best performance standard in its class.

Comprehensive applications solution software allows your micrOTOF-Q III to become your dedicated partner whatever your challenge in routine applications, such as:

The advantage of Confidence in Routine

Each performance parameter, whether it is mass accuracy, resolution, or sensitivity, is top in its class. Uniquely in the market, micrOTOF-Q III makes no compromises in delivering the best. All parameters are delivered simultaneously to provide the most complete insight into your sample.

  • 20,000 full sensitivity resolution
  • Low picogram sensitivity
  • 2 ppm mass accuracy

The formula machine

The combination of mass accuracy, high resolution and True Isotopic Pattern (TIP) makes the micrOTOF-Q III the real formula machine. TIP is applied to precursor and fragment ions which is an outstanding features in formula generation by MS.

Powered with Compass OpenAccess™ it provides an automated walk-up LC-MS system for chemical formula generation, molecular formula confirmation and generic LC-MS measurements. This client-server based software supports LC-MS workflows especially for chemists in laboratories with various levels of instrumental analysis experience.


The GC-APCI source enables the combination of LC-QTOF MS with both LC and GC. The micrOTOF-Q III system provides exact mass accuracy and resolving power to expand the horizon for GC-MS based analyses. Data acquisition rates of 20Hz and faster are mandatory for typical GC peak widths of < 2 s (FWHM). The unambiguous formula ID from the GC-TOF-MS run is determined using SmartFormula™.

SmartFormula Determination

Three dimensions of information simultaneously raise your analytical tasks to unrivaled heights of confidence...More info

Advanced Multi-Target Screening

Confident quantitative and qualitative multi-target screening for forensics,doping control and residue analysis ...More info

Automated Intact Proteins Analysis

Result view of the intact mass workflow for identity testing of discovery mAbs...More info

Compound ID

The DirectProbe assembly is an option to the APCI ion source...More info

Bruker Daltonics services are performed by factory trained and certified engineers. DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 requirements are fulfilled.

Available services include:

  • Help desk service for a faster access to our support team, to your service order follow up and for general information
  • Planned maintenance, according to our requirement
  • Telephone support from highly-skilled troubleshooting professionals, to isolate and resolve hard- and software problems
  • Web-based remote instrument service for service diagnosis and applications support
  • Customer on-site repair and maintenance service
  • Spare parts availability typically over night or within a few working days worldwide
  • Compliance services for installation qualification, operational qualification / performance verification
  • Site planning and relocation
  • Advise to improve labs efficiency (consumable, method development & how to run the complete solution)

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