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Maintaining integrity on thousands of miles of pipeline is a top priority for companies in industries such as oil, petroleum, natural gas, and electricity. Pipeline failures can result in extensive damage to properties or land, or even serious injuries to members of your team. Even in a best-case scenario, faulty pipes or pipelines are likely to translate to significant downtime and expense.

If you work in one of these industries, you are already aware that there are government-mandated safety regulations that you are required to know and follow. The Eagle Array System’s cutting-edge approach to monitoring internal corrosion provides a snapshot of how your system is functioning as a whole, while keeping you in compliance with federal regulations.

The Eagle Array’s core technology is an innovative, proprietary system, developed by BSI, that utilizes ultrasound to accurately measure the internal thickness of pipes, tanks, welds, Christmas tree pumps, and many other mechanical structures that may be difficult to access.

We assess the project goals and requirements for each of our customers to accommodate technology advances and potential new applications and expansions. Additionally, industry experts and professional associations such as Tulsa University Sand Management Projects (TUSMP) joint industry project (JIP) and the Maryland State Industrial Partnership/University of Maryland, and Frostburg State, have vet our system vigorously, thoroughly, and independently. The Eagle Arrays have also been the focus of six sigma studies, field testing and other specific commercial test loops.

BSI Sensors

Each system starts with a sensor, or multiple sensors. All of our components are rugged, field-ready, and built to withstand harsh environmental extremes. Subjected to extensive testing, BSI sensors must meet high quality assurance thresholds.  Our sensors and systems have been field-proven at wellheads, pipelines, refineries and underground pipelines. Clamped to the outside of your equipment for ease of placement and easy removal, BSI UT sensors have the remarkable capability to alter power and frequency characteristics to monitor the structural integrity of mechanical structures with incredible accuracy.

What Do BSI Sensors Monitor?


Assess the conditional health of your system to determine when something needs changed as opposed to simply changing components at predefined intervals, when it may or may not be necessary.


Remotely monitor pit growth, flaw and crack mitigation, and general metal loss.

Temp / Humidity

Relationships and trends between temperature, humidity and corrosion/erosion rates can be established and correlated to particular temperature-related plant events.


Eagle Array installations can include single ultrasound sensors or multiple sensors, depending on user requirements. Typically, BSI installs a configuration of multiple, compact, low-profile sensors to make up a unified communication and processing system. Each sensor independently monitors for trends and exceptional events wherever it is located. Single and broadband waveforms can be generated and assessed in order to identify potential flaws or deviations from the norm.


An even broader picture of the component’s interior can be obtained by taking multiple readings at strategic locations along a pipeline. Relatively uniform data can be used as a realistic prediction of corrosion or erosion conditions. Varying data may indicate pitting or other conditions that need addressed.

Measurements are taken via BSI’s Plug-N-Play system, which is easily installed underground or above ground, on new pipelines or retrofitted. The Plug-N-Play is rugged and waterproof and provides a convenient connector where the BSI Universal Logger is attached to acquire and store data.

The TUltrasound Difference

Historically, ultrasonic instruments have been used to evaluate the integrity of components manually. In many circumstances, the accuracy of these measurements is operator dependent.  In addition to being somewhat inconsistent and unreliable, manual assessment can be disruptive to operations, is time intensive, and costly. A more proven and predictive approach is to use the precision of ultrasound technology in a more automated fashion, eliminating variables that may impact measurement accuracy.

SCOUT Software

SCOUT™ represents the heart of your monitoring network. Here, our customers are able to review all of the data that has been collected and utilize that data to gain deep insight into their operations through analytics.

Universally easy to access, SCOUT™ presents data in a clear way, and correlates process events with changes in asset integrity. Each of our customers can view an operating and inspection history and preliminary risk projections at any time.

24-Hour Monitoring

BSI software collects, aggregates, cleanses and formats invaluable data for our customers every hour, 24 hours a day. With a rapid processing speed for collecting large data sets, SCOUT™ offers multiple interface options to support the most popular current databases and conventional data collection systems.

Easy to Interpret
The SCOUT™ interface, accessible online, incorporates unique display features for easy user interpretation and subsequent decision-making. It works with Windows, iOS, and Android. All software and hardware updates are included in the cost of your system.

Cognizant that different customers have different needs, BSI developed SCOUT™ to be fully customizable based on customer preferences. For example, users can control whether they would like a real-time or scheduled Cloud upload, or they can choose to set text or email alerts. Modifications to the interface itself can be made to respond to unique requirements.

Power Options

At BSI, we understand that not all applications are alike. The Eagle Array integrity system is designed for a variety of client-driven scenarios:

  • Compatibility with local 110/240 VAC power
  • Instrumentation DC power
  • Solar power/battery
  • Power over Ethernet (POE)
Data Interface

System users also have the option of taking measurements either manually or wirelessly. If done manually, data is captured and stored quickly in the field with BSI’s Universal Logger. There are no depth limitations or service interruptions for either option. Data can be accessed online through a secure interface at a later time.

Wireless technology has become the optimum method for transmission of asset management data in the petro chemical, energy generation, and mining industries. BSI partners with the leading communication carriers and wireless equipment providers to accommodate user response time expectations and data security requirements.

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