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Expansive engineering capability and unmatched design experience make BulkTec® storage tank systems the best option to contain dry bulk materials. BulkTec systems successfully store all types of dry bulk materials including:

  • Food and Grain Products
  • Minerals and Aggregates
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics and Petrochemicals

Every BulkTec Storage Tank Manufactured to Order

BulkTec storage tank systems and components are designed for your specific application. We maintain our own professional engineers and designers in-house. These highly experienced advisors have designed storage tanks for a wide range of industry specific standards and applications. Along with the right storage tank for your needs, additional custom components may include:

  • Hoppers & skirts
  • Nozzles
  • Leg support
  • Passive flow control devices
  • Internal blending
  • Stairways
  • Peripheral conveyor supports
  • Interior maintenance platforms

Superior Coating Technology with Proven Performance

CST's proprietary OptiBond™ coating process provides maximum abrasion resistance and encourages smooth material flow. Our experience has led to continuous technology and process improvements that has resulted in the finest epoxy coating process available in the industry. The OptiBond coating process featuring Trico-Bond EP™ epoxy is a next generation coating system derived from years of in-field experience and performance data.

Premium Tank Technology Provides Smooth Material Flow

The smooth-wall interior has no cracks or crevices that could suspend material flow. BulkTec storage tank systems are designed and built to the exact requirements you need for material flow efficiency and reliability.

  • Mass and funnel flow designs
  • Expanded and fluidized flow designs
  • Multiple Type Tanks

BulkTec storage tanks and silos are available in several bolted joint designs for in-field construction or shop-welded configurations. BulkTec systems and components are designed for your specific application. Each is engineered and fabricated to satisfy your specifications. Along with the right tank for your needs, additional custom components may include:

  • Hoppers and skirts Internal blending
  • Nozzles Stairways
  • Leg support Peripheral conveyor supports
  • Passive flow Interior maintenance platforms
  • Control devices

BulkTec tanks are ideal for the following applications:

Frac Sand

BulkTec® frac sand storage systems can be built up to three-times faster than other tanks saving the end user in construction and lifecycle costs.

  • Fast construction with the least environmental footprint
  • Flexible designs with expandability options through dedicated, in-house engineering staff
  • Truck-through and train-through silos make logistics easy
  • Bolted panels and welded tanks manufactured out of carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • All tank panels are fabricated and coated in the factory

From grain silos to transfer stations to terminals, BulkTec's reputation for meeting the needs of the grain storage markets are known throughout the world. Weaver reclaimers can be integrated to form a complete solution.


When it comes to storing dried food, foodstuffs and food ingredients, CST's BulkTec storage tanks and silos meet the critical demands for material flow and transferability.

Mineral, Mining and Aggregate

CST's BulkTec storage tanks and silos have been relied upon to store lime, gypsum frac sand and many other products all backed by the service and support of CST.


Dry chemicals often present coating, durability, and flow issues that require a fully engineered tank from a company with the experience and knowledge of CST and a product with the quality reputation of BulkTec.

Power Generation

Coal and wood mass are just a couple of the storage needs that CST's BulkTec storage tanks and silos have satisfied. Couple these tank applications with unloaders and Weaver reclaimers and CST can provide a uniquly integrated solution to save our customers time and reduce their risk.

Wood and Biomass

Storing Biomass and wood mass is just the beginning of the challenge that CST's BulkTec storage tanks and silos meet every day. Integrating the storage solution with unloaders and weaver reclaimers further separates BulkTec solutions from the rest of the crowd.

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