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Bushkill Creek Watershed

The Bushkill Creek Watershed encompasses 80 square miles of Northampton County, PA, stretching from Blue Mountain to the Delaware River in Easton, PA. Groundwater recharge along the wooded slopes of Blue Mountain provides a critical source of high quality water for the headwaters of the Bushkill Creek. Wetlands along the foot of the mountain also help to buffer the streams from surface runoff while providing important wildlife habitat. Most of the upper half of the basin is located in shale and slate geology, and is dominated by woodlands, agriculture, and low-density residential development. The wooded areas generally follow the streams (mainstem, Sobers Run, Engler Run, and Little Bushkill Creek), forming 'greenways' from Blue Mountain to Jacobsburg State Park. These riparian corridors absorb rainfall and runoff, keep the streams shaded and cool, and provide important habitat for flora and fauna.

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