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Cable and Chain Scrapers

Free stall cleaner with cable Due to its robust design, the cable scraper achieves good adhesion for the best cleaning results on concrete or rubber floors. Each drive unit models have a 500 mm steel axle with brass bushings. The cable has a long life-span due to a single layer reel on the drum. The pulleys have open housings for self-cleaning. The large pulleys and the hardened cable guide ensure the accurate alignment of the cable. With the integrated cable tensioning lever, it is easy to readjust the tension when required. Replaceable steel or urethane blades reduce maintenance costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Available for alley lengths of up to 180 m
  • Easy-to-use, simple to program control panels for 24-hour usage are labor-saving
  • The obstacle detection and the quietness of the machine, together with ist clean, dry operation, ensure a high degree of comfort and maximum safety for  the cow.
  • Its construction, with hinges arms to allow tractor access and its wide range of options enable installation in new as well as existing alleys of different widths.
  • On rubber floors, urethane blades smooth operation and optimal cleaning.
  • Steel blades fitted in alleys with concrete floors ensure a long lifespan when used for sand laden manure.

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