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Camera Vehicle

All control commands, power supply and colour image signals are transmitted via a single coaxial cable. This is imperative with a range of almost 600 m to minimise losses due to friction and the weight of the cable. In contrast the crawler incl. camera head and lighting weighs approx. 35 kg, about the same as a 10-year old child. Just in passing, in times of miniaturisation, this is not underdeveloped technology, but is connected with the weight required for proper traction. Part of this weight is also due to the solid construction required for the explosion protection. The camera head can be rotated by 360° and swivelled by approx. 270° which permits a wide, effective angle of visualisation. This system is tailored to landfill requirements; other applications including e.g. smaller / larger clearance pipe diameters are being. In addition to the equipment installed, the TV vehicle has a small mobile Tiny system, a push rod camera for max. 50 m.

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