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Calgon Carbon's VAPOR-PAC carbon adsorption service meets industrial and remediation needs for cost-effective removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at air emission sources.

Calgon Carbon's VAPOR-PAC series adsorbers are individual, compact and transportable vapor phase adsorbers containing 1,800 lbs of granular activated carbon (GAC) to treat air flows up to 1,000 cfm. The VAPOR-PAC adsorbers are designed for use in Calgon Carbon's convenient carbon adsorption service. The adsorber is used as the shipping container to be returned to Calgon Carbon for reactivation of the spent GAC and can be replaced with another VAPOR-PAC adsorber containing fresh GAC for continuing operation. If the VAPOR-PAC is owned by the site, it can either be sent to Calgon Carbon for carbon exchange or have the carbon replaced onsite. Calgon Carbon offers many types of GAC which can be selected for the specific treatment application.

The VAPOR-PAC adsorbers are available in two designs to accommodate most process conditions. The Plastic VAPOR-PAC canister is a polyethylene canister with PVC fittings for enhanced corrosion resistance. All parts exposed to air flow in the Stainless Steel VAPOR-PAC adsorber vessel are stainless steel and the unit is capable of treating applications up to 15 psig or under vacuum conditions.

The VAPOR-PAC adsorption service is ideal for short term projects and for low volume air flows that contain low to moderate VOC concentrations. The VAPOR-PAC service is also used in applications that rely on Calgon Carbon's ongoing management of the spent carbon and resupply of fresh GAC. Common applications of the VAPOR-PAC service might include treatment of process vessel, tank or enclosure vents, soil remediation or venting, air stripper off-gases, and industrial odor control.

Under the carbon adsorption service, the user will provide for any fans or ductwork to deliver the air emission source to the VAPOR-PAC unit. Calgon Carbon will provide the VAPOR-PAC adsorber with initial fill of GAC. The user will install the VAPOR-PAC unit. When the GAC is fully utilized, disconnect the VAPOR-PAC unit and return it to Calgon Carbon for management of the spent carbon; install a new VAPOR-PAC unit if operation is to continue. This service will simplify the user's operation by having Calgon Carbon manage the carbon supply and removal of spent carbon in the VAPOR-PAC units and eliminate the need for the site to handle the GAC media, often minimizing the site's operating costs associated with treatment of the air emission.

  • Adsorbers are specifically designed for ease of installation and operation.
  • Adsorbers are available in plastic (polyethylene) and metal (stainless steel) construction to accommodate a wide variety of applications.
  • Can operate in series or parallel mode or a combination of both to handle various flows and concentrations.
  • System exchange eliminates on-site carbon handling.
  • Recycling of spent carbon (as approved by carbon acceptance testing) eliminates disposal problems.
  • Capital expenditure is eliminated since Calgon Carbon Corporation owns and maintains the equipment.

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