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Carbon Capture Technology


Aker Clean Carbon has developed its own technology for carbon capture. The basis of the process is the chemical reaction between a liquid absorbent, normally an amine, and CO2.

In the capture plant, the exhaust containing CO2 is routed via inlet coolers to a large absorption tower. The gas enters at the bottom of the absorber and gets in contacts with the (liquid) amine, which flows downwards. The amine will absorb most of the CO2 by a chemical reaction. The remaining flue gas is treated in the water wash unit, to ensure removal of all amines before disposal to air from the top of the absorber.

The amine containing CO2 is pumped via heat exchangers to the stripper part where CO2 is “stripped” off (or boiled off) by heat from the re-boiler. After the stripping process the amine is pumped back to the absorber via an energy converter, and the cycle is repeated.

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