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Casing Threads Pipe



GeoRocFor designs and manufactures threaded casing for foundation and civil works applications. Our expertise ranges from the design of the thread to the manufacturing stage for piles and micro-piles.

Because this system works without locking grooves (like our competitors systems) it is much easier to pull back from the hole. The operator doesn’t have to lose precious time trying to unlock. We also offer a special system to drill into clay formations. This system has been adapted to be more aggressive when drilling (better penetration rate) and allow more space for sticky cuttings to come out.

  • Driver bit -  The driver bit is the device that transfers impact and rotation to the crown bit for drilling. The driver bit is inserted into the crown bit and they act together as a standard drill bit. Both the driver bit and the crown bit have tungsten carbide buttons. The Driver bit drills like a pilot bit, making a 1 1/2' hole ahead of the crown to guide the direction of the casing in rough drilling.
  • Crown bit - The crown bit is a two-piece unit permanently connected together. The upper part is welded to the casing, and the lower part, which has the Tungsten Carbides, is free to rotate with the driver bit.

Direct Energy from the top hammer is transferred to the crown bit through different shoulders on the driver bit.

Two (2) air holes are drilled in the face of the driver bit (drilling end). These holes are directly connected to two (2) flushing airways placed at 180 degree angles to one another. These flushing grooves transfer the drilling debris from the drilling end of the driver up to the drill steel zone. To help in keeping a good flow of debris, two (2) other smaller air holes have been added in the flushing airways to help give the cuttings some velocity.

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