Synergy Catalyst

Synergy Catalyst

Catalyst Coatings for Wood Stove

High Performance: Superior Manufacturing. Synergy uses only high performance, ultra-low back pressure metallic substrates as supports for our state of the art aftermarket catalysts.

Many Applications

Our engineers and scientists have experience developing catalysts for OEM automotive applications as well as for aftermarket/replacement applications.

Consistent Results

We utilize OEM quality raw materials in order to achieve an aftermarket product that keeps the MIL light off and exceeds all government regulations for replacement catalysts regarding CO, HC and NOx conversion as well as OBD-II requirements.

Catalyst coatings specifically designed for the rigorous operating conditions of wood stoves
  • High Temperature
  • Poison Resistance
  • High CO conversion
  • Metallic or ceramic substrates
Wood Stove Catalyst Coating Applications require a special catalyst product
  • Synergy diesel particulate filter has developed metallic coating technologies specifically for these applications and oxidation catalysts
Metallic substrates are highly recommended
TWCs can be provided for gasoline fueled engines Off Road Engine Catalyst
Catalyst coating technologyfor light duty vehicles significantly improves catalytic performance and is highly durable and cost-effective. We have developed unique nanostructures that are extremely thermally stable and resistant to sintering. Catalytic converters using our technology have superior catalytic performance, can cost substantially less as a result of significantly reduced platinum group metal loadings, have comparable or better durability and are physically and operationally compatible with all existing manufacturing processes and operating requirements. Our wood stove catalyst coating solution is based on industry-leading, patent-protected technology and a scalable manufacturing business model. Current catalyst coating techniques for diesel engines to meet emissions standards for off-road engine catalyst require the use of several methods, including diesel oxidation catalysts, catalyzed diesel particulate filters, and selective catalytic reduction systems.

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