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CELME has more than -10 years of experience in the field of special transformers used forhigh distortion duty cycle. In this field the product customization is pushed to the extreme: during its history CELME has proved its ability to support the customer in choosing the most appropriate solution regarding the transformer used in a converter system Mandatory, for CELME. is to meet all the requirements, even the most restrictive, and to respect them.Our transformers are designed to withstand the worst stress and keep high efficiencies with maximum reliability.

Converter transformers design activity
Transformers can be designed in 2 ways:

  • Hermetically scaled: it's the ideal solution for dowc converter transformers up to 5MVA and for offshore platforms There isn't Ihe conservator and the oil expansion is absorbed by the expandable fins of the tank Ihere is a reduced maintenance thanks to lower oil ageing.
  • Oil open (with conservator): soluiion for higher power converters. Cooling is made by corrugated walls of the tank or by radiators connected to the tank by on-off butterfly valves. According to the customer requests' transformer is provided with several safety and control devices.
  • The final quality control for every transformer is performed at Celme Testing Room, located in the main plant, where it is possible to execute all the routine and the most common type and special tests (according IEC 6C076). Ou' customers are welcome to visit and join our technicians during the tests!

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