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Ceramic Off-Gas Filtration System with Acid Gas Scrubber



The ceramic filter consists of a series of pollution control systems for specifically dealing with the off gas from an incinerator. Typically installed on a high capacity incinerator plant this pollution control system will capture all the gases, soot and entrained solids emitted to meet the European regulations, which are set out in directive 2000/76/EC. Such a filtration system typically has a high removal rate of 97% for particulates.

This dry filtration system operates by passing the exhaust gasses through a series of chambers and processes, these are:

The Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger cools down gasses to between 400°C-420°C, this rapid temperature collapse from 1100°C help reduce dioxin and furan reformation. It also sets up the flue gas stream for the optimum temperature for the (following) acid scrubber function.

Acid Scrubber

Lime is fed into the system via a hopper, this material is then steadily injected into the gas stream, to neutralise the acidic gasses, such as HCL, HF and SO2. Spent lime is then removed by the final stage of the gas scrubbing process that is the particulates filtration system.

Ceramic Filtration System

Gas is pulled through vacuum formed ceramic filter tubes, these filters remove the heavy particulates and used lime in an extremely efficient manner. The gas is drawn through the system with a draught fan and the resulting clean, safe, gases are vented to atmosphere.

Cleaning System

Once the cycle is complete an automatic cleaning cycle can be initiated. This cycle reverse pulses compressed air through the ceramic filters, dislodging trapped particulates to clean them. Once complete the resulting material can be removed via the inspection hatch.

  • Highest possible removal ratio (up to < 1mg/m3)
  • Able to deal with multiple parameters removal
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Heat recovery options

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