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JiangXi JinTai Special Material Limited Liability Company

- Model JT-CS - Ceramic Saddle



JINTAI Ceramic Saddles (equivalent to Koch-Glitsch CERAMIC INTALOX SADDLES ) are between the ring shape and the shape of the saddle, and therefore maintain both their advantages, this structure is conducive to the liquid gas distribution. Ceramic saddles are most frequently used high-performance packing and exhibit advantages for most applications in comparison with other shapes. Their smooth surface imparts a high chemical resistance and provides with a high level of stability.  Due to their simple form, ceramic saddles can be manufactured by continuous extrusion method and can be produced at a relatively low cost. JINTAI is the best ceramic saddles manufacturer, ceramic saddles supplier for your Choice.

JINTAI Ceramic Saddles are widely used in Scrubbers, Drying Towers, Tail Gas Scrubbers, Impasse Towers,  absorption tower, cooling tower, scrubber, regeneration tower. Also widely used as heat transfer media inRegenerative Thermal oxidizers(RTO).

Chemical composition of Ceramic Saddles:

Physical properties of Ceramic Saddles:

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