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Whether you’re a custom operator, commercial hay producer or livestock producer, you’re sure to appreciate the Challenger LB Series large rectangular balers. Available in three sizes, LB Series balers are the finest in the industry, designed with the latest engineering and innovation. Each model features an in-line design that keeps hay moving in a straight line from the wide, low-profile pickup through to the bale chute. They deliver big, solid bales that stack tight for transport or storage.

Bale Accumulators

Save additional time and travel, and reduce compaction at the same time with a Challenger big bale accumulator. Designed specifically for the LB33, the BA3 accumulator collects up to five bales at a time and is designed to handle both dry bales and high-moisture silage bales.

The Challenger Model BA4, meanwhile, is the perfect partner for the LB34 and LB44 balers.

Designed to carry up to three bales, it can even be equipped with an optional kit to weigh bales as they are produced in the field. Both models feature a bale shift bar that automatically moves bales left or right to maintain a balanced load. Standard equipment includes dual caster wheels, transport stabilizing brakes and a centralized lubrication system. All control and monitoring functions are already built into the baler’s tractor-mounted console.

Rugged Construction

All LB Series large rectangular balers from Challenger feature unitized, welded box-beam construction with high-strength steel main frame, axles, hitch and main components to resist twisting. Yet, these balers are light on their feet, thanks to large flotation tires that reduce compaction.

The LB Series’ drive system is equally reliable. Only five simple chain drives are needed to perform all operating functions, for greater reliability and less maintenance.

In addition, the packer drive and the pickup drive are slip clutch protected, while the stuffer drive, knotter assemblies and needle drive are shear bolt protected.

The heart of the drive system, however, is a rugged, dual-reduction (LB33 and LB34) or triple-reduction (LB44) gearbox that directs power from the tractor PTO to the rest of the baler without the need for extra chain drives and maintenance. A heavy, stress-relieved flywheel, that incorporates an overrunning clutch, helps maintain plunger momentum, while reducing vibration and shock loads to the tractor.

Low-Profile Pickup

Each component on the wide, low-profile pickup was designed for a clean sweep of the windrow. It starts with closely spaced, curved teeth that get the short, fine hay that straight-tooth pickups often miss.

Multiple rows of teeth and narrow-channel strippers further ensure against crop loss.

In the meantime, a non-pneumatic gauge wheel on each end ensures that the pickup closely follows the ground contours, without bouncing, to gather in all of the crop.

Bale Formation

As soon as the crop enters the pickup, centering augers gently feed it to the packer chamber throat opening where it is swept in by a set of packer fingers mounted on a triple throw crank shaft.

This gives the packer a raking action that mixes the hay and ties the flake together as it feeds the crop into the fixed-volume charge chamber.

At this point, a set of holding fingers retain the charge in the chamber until the density reaches a predetermined level. The stuffer forks then engage to sweep the preformed flake into the bale chamber where it is compressed by the plunger. Since one charge makes one flake, bale density is always consistent and bales come out rock solid regardless of crop conditions or ground speed.

Reliable Knotters

Unlike some big bale knotter systems, Challenger’s patented double knotter system ties two knots per bale.

Moreover, the knotters never hold the twine during bale formation. Instead, twine feeds independently from the top and bottom sides of the bale, eliminating twine disc pullout and the missed-ties that can result. The knotters suffer less wear and fewer misses. And, because both twines are held under tension, the double knotter system produces a tighter bale in a wider variety of crop conditions.

Control Monitor

Equipped with new CANbus electronic systems, Challenger® LB Series large rectangular balers feature the Fieldstar® DataTOUCH® terminal as the standard baler monitor and control panel.

One of the greatest benefits of CANbus electronics is the ability to monitor and adjust up to 22 baler functions, while taking hay harvest management to a new level of productivity. The operator can even select up to three functions to be monitored at one time, including flakes per bale, total bale count, customer bale count, average bale weight (with scale option), baler PTO speed, feeder slip, left and right plunger load, hydraulic pressure and gearbox temperature.

The DataTOUCH™ terminal also monitors system diagnostics and displays readings from all switches and sensors. An alarm test identifies faults and suggests possible solutions. Alarms are also logged in the terminal for later review and analysis.

In addition, the monitor is capable of showing the tractor speed as indicated by a ground radar or the transmission speed; maintaining lubrication records and intervals and indicating whether the precutter knives are up or down on LB33 and LB34 models equipped with precutter option. The system can also display and log bale production by field, by customer or by year. Plus, up to 99 job records can be stored under as many as 20 customer/farm names for up to four years. Adding further value to the DataTOUCH terminal is the fact that it can be transferred between other Challenger and AGCO equipment lines, including tractors, combines and planters.


Challenger LB Series large rectangular balers are available with a long list of options designed for special needs and applications.

  • Knotter fan
  • Tandem axle with four 500/50-17 tires (Available on LB33 and LB34)
  • 600/50-22.5 flotation tires (LB33)
  • Precutter (Available on LB33 and LB34, the precutter reduces the length of crop material, making bales better suited for use in TMR mixers or for young livestock.


Fast and easy service and maintenance features help keep LB Series balers in the field for more hours of the day… and more days of the season.

  • LB Series balers are equipped with a lubrication system that automatically directs grease to all key lubrication points, including the packer crank. Intervals are adjustable, or the lubrication system can be operated manually.
  • A knotter fan, available as an option on all models, is driven by an independent hydraulic pump and motor and is equipped with its own reservoir and filter for excellent reliability.
  • Side panels easily open and close with the help of gas-assist struts for quick access to drive systems.
  • Large capacity twine boxes hold plenty of twine for more time in the field when conditions are right. Capacity is 24 balls on the LB44; 30 balls on the LB34, and 20 balls on the LB33.

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