CIC Photonics

Cherokee Direct Pass Gas Cell



Corrosive, toxic, and standard gases. Lab or industrial gas measurements. Fiber-optic spectrometers. UV/VIS or VIS/NIR.

  • 1.0 meter pathlength, 0.5 meter available
  • 316L stainless steel cell body (34-mm diameter)
  • High quality silica collimating lenses (25-mm diameter)
  • Sapphire or quartz windows
  • SMA connectors
  • High energy throughput
  • Optimized for 200-um core diameter (n.a.=0.22) silica fiber

  • 45B300 Cherokee Direct Pass Gas Cell, sapphire windows, Kalrez seals
  • 45-HEAT Heating package and temperature controller
  • 45-UV200 Pair of 200-um core diameter HOH silica fibers, 2-meter length
  • 45-NIR200 Pair of 200-um core diameter LOH silica fibers, 2-meter length

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