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- Model DID-He - Permanent Gases Analyzer



The continuous or discontinuous mode permanent gases monitor for laboratory or online. A highly automated system for routine measurement of permanent gases on the range : ppb or ppm.

  • Process : H2 / N2 / O2 / Ar / Kr / Xe / CO* / CO2 / CH4
  • Quality control in pure gas
  • Impurities in Hydrogen
  • Substance tracer
  • Gas input in tubing
  • NH3 in ambiant air
  • CO / *CO2 in ambiant air
  • CO in *C2H4
  • Impurities in CO2

*Can be analysed by chroma CO ( FID methaniser )

Chroma TCD is easy to use for ppm and % range (H2/He analysis also).

The CHROMA DID is an automatic industrial gas analyser. The sample comes through the sampling loop. Then the sample is injected into an analytical column for separation. The system can use packed column. Helium carrier gas purifier is delivered with connections to chroma DID and He cylinder.

The first column allows to separate composite peak (H2, O2, N2, CO), and the second column CH4, CO2.

If you neeed NH3 analysis in air,this is an option

If you neeed O2 / Ar analysis analysis ,this is options

The temperature setting is isothermal. The automatic valve permits the sample's injection

Measuring principle of DID = Discharge Ionisation Detector.

High voltage accelerates pure helium atoms (purity > 6.0). Ionised helium atoms are continuously produced. These helium ions are better described as photons .These photons ionize the gas molecules with an ionisation potential. The ion current is continuously collected at a polarised electrode and amplified similarly to the FID application process.

The Vistachrom software enables the user to visualize and store data on a supervisor. Furthermore it provides comfortable utilities to recalculate, calibrate and export data and to set-up measurement.

The airmoTREND software allows the calculation of retention time, area, and mass or concentration profiles.

For calibration, we use automatic valve selection of Gas standard mixture delivered with C81022.

We can use the instrument in cyclic mode or in manual mode. In the two mode we can insert for next analysis method in memory (calibration, ZERO, samples from multi stream selector).

On-line results are transmitted via:

  • MODBUS communication protocol : XXX001
  • Modul 4 x Analog output 4-20 mA : XXX003.
  • Automatic validation
  • Multiple Stream selector (2 to 10)
  • NH3 permeation tube and CALIB
  • Modul for alarms : XXX005
  • High purity pressure regulator for He cylinder
  • High purity pressure regulator for standard mixture cylinder

Permanent gas analysis: (He as carrier gas )

  • H2, O2, N2, CO, CH4, CO2,

Options: NH3,Kr, Ar , Xe…


  • Discharge Ionisation Detector (DID) Helium

Oven Temperature range:

  • Ambient to 150°C

Detection limit: Special application

  • < 10 ppb of CH4 ppb level for NH3,CO H2, O2, N2, CO2,


  • Data storage
  • 4-20 mA output (option)
  • MODBUS communication Protocol (option).

Cycle time:

  • 10 minutes for NH3 or CO
  • 15 minutes for impurities in pure gas.

Connections: Tested & Delivered by Chromatotec

Gas supply:

  • Carrier gas : (6.0) Helium, 30ml/min
  • Discharge gas : (6.0) Helium, 30ml/min

Sample volume

  • 250μL, sample flow (20-30mL/min) or 500 or 1000 μl

Power supply:

  • main (230V / 115V 50 Hz/60Hz)
  • battery 24V option

Electrical consumption:

  • 550 VA

Dimensions and weight :2 wooden boxes

  • Rack : 19” (4U + 5U )
  • Height : 180 mm 4U and 220 mm for 5U
  • Width : 482 mm
  • Depth : 600 mm
  • Net weight : 17 Kg for 4U + 15 Kg for 5U +

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