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- H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH Sulphur Compounds Analyzer



Automated online analysis & monitoring of Sulphur Compounds: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH Chroma S is a fully automatic isothermal gas Chromatograph for the analysis & monitoring of sulphur compounds.

  • Continuous, uninterrupted sampling 
  • Sample is injected into column for separation
  • Controlled oven selects optimum temperature based on application
  • detection achieved by a sulphur specific photometric double flame detector

  • The double flame ensures no quenching occurs
  • Automatic linearization of compounds
  • Identification of compounds is based on their retention time (Elution from the column)
  • Automatic data validation as standard with the internal permeation tube

Chromatotec developed software system allows :

  • Remote monitoring
  • Full traceability through archiving of results and QC
  • Set up and control of threshold alarms
  • Export of data MODBUS / MGS1 / 4-20mA /0-10V

  • Automatic data transfer through:
    • Modbus or MSG1 communication protocol
    • Analog 4-20mA or 0-10V output
  • Hydrogen Generator
  • Zero Air Generator
  • Multiple stream analysis with Multiplexer
  • Dilution system
  • Heated lines
  • N2 Generator
  • Calibration with internal permeation tube

Compounds analysed:

  • Specific sulphur compounds analysis
  • H2S, Me-SH, Et-SH, Isopropyl-SH, Npropyl-SH, 2-butyl-
  • SH, Terbutyl-SH, DMS, DES, DMDS, COS, CS2 …

Detection limits with loop 500 μL

  • 4 ppb double Sulphur Compounds like DMDS, CS2 ...
  • 7 ppb single Sulphur Compounds (H2S DMS ..)

Detection range (selectable ppm / ppb)

  • 4 ppb to 5 ppm (Low Range)
  • 100 ppb to 100 ppm (High Range)

Relative Standard Deviation:

  • RSD < 5% on concentration over 24hrs
  • RSD < 1% on Retention Time over 24hrs

Data Management:

  • Full storage of chromatograms & results
  • All analysed dates & times stamped individually

Cycle Times:

  • Cycle times are dependant on the application
  • Example: * H2S plus COS - 200 secs
  • * Total Sulphur - 600 secs

Gas Supply:

  • Carrier Gas - Air or N2 3 bar (5mlLmin) 1/8’’
  • Sample Inlet -1 Bar or ambient pressure (airmopump)
  • Detector
    • H2 at 2 Bar (70 ml/min) 1/8’’
    • Air at 3 bar (80 ml/min) 1/8’’

Power Supply:

  • Main: (230V / 50Hz) or (115V / 60Hz)
  • Battery: 24V (as option)
  • Consumption: 250W (+50W for computer)

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Rack: 482 mm (19’’)
  • Height: 222 mmm (5U)
  • Depth: 600mm
  • Weight: 22 kg (With integrated computer)

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