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CitySkreen 920



The simple, thorough design of the plant makes the CitySkreen 920 an indispensable helper when you want to use an economical screening plant downstream from your existing crushing or screening technology. We purposely did away with an intake hopper, motor, and unnecessary conveyer belts. Only the large mass flow, the fine fraction, is dumped on the stockpile to the maximum height. The oversize particles are generally trimmed off using a wheel loader or discharged off to the side using an on-board stockpile conveyor. The CitySkreen 920 is brought to the location where it will be used via a hook lift or low-bed trailer. Equipping times are almost nothing. Whether you use the CitySkreen 920-1 with a simple oversize particle discharge or the CitySkreen 920-2 with the integrated oversized particle conveyor: minimal operating costs and maximum utilization ensure that numerous CitySkreen owners stay competitive.

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