CL Vacuum Pump

Solid shaft and rotor assembly versus a two piece, pinned design - stronger one piece assembly outlasts the competition Exclusive internal coating - improves performance and reduces exhaust temperatures compared to uncoated pumps Non-stick lobes - release milk vapor build-up more readily Helical timing gears versus straight spur gears - smoother operation with three gear touch points versus the competitors’ single touch point

  • Splash oil lubrication on both sides of the pump - no greasing required for longer time between required maintenance
  • Viton lipseals – chemically resistant seals keeps oil in and other contaminants out
  • Powder coated paint process used on the steel frame – resists corrosion
  • 1.15 service factory motor – heavy duty, long lasting
  • Fully factory assembled with laser guided pulley alignment – less installation time and longer belt life
  • Optional Vacuum On Demand control – provides energy saving variable speed control and lower maintenance costs

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