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Model SPC-3D - Clean Environment Single Tower Integrated Desulfurization and Dedusting Depth Purification Technology



The clean environment single tower integrated desulfurization and dedusting deep purification technology ( SPC-3D ) is a proprietary technology independently developed by Beijing Guodian Qingxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., which can achieve desulfurization efficiency of more than 99% in one absorption tower at the same time . More than 90% , meet the ultra-clean emission requirements of sulfur dioxide emissions of 35mg/Nm 3 and soot 5mg/Nm 3 .

First, the technical principle

 1. High-efficiency cyclone coupling desulfurization and dust removal technology

The flue gas from the induced draft fan enters the absorption tower, and through the high-efficiency cyclone coupling device, the fluid dynamics principle is used to form a powerful controllable turbulent space, so that the gas-liquid-solid three-phase is fully contacted, and the mass transfer efficiency is improved, and the liquid-gas ratio is similar to the similar technology. 30%lower , achieving the first step of efficient desulfurization and dust removal.

 2 , energy efficient spray technology

Optimize the spray layer structure, change the nozzle arrangement, increase the single-layer slurry coverage rate to morethan 300% , increase the surface area required for the chemical absorption reaction, complete the second step of washing, the flue gas through the high-efficiency cyclone coupling device and high-efficiency energy-saving spray shower apparatus 2 washes of the reaction, the desulfurization efficiency of the two superimposed, may be implemented to reduce the sulfur dioxide in flue gas 35 mg of / Nm . 3 or less.

 3 , centrifugal tube bundle dust removal technology

The high-efficiency desulfurization and preliminary dust removal of the flue gas is further completed by the centrifugal tube bundle type dust removing device to further complete the high-efficiency dust removal and defogging process, thereby realizing the removal of micron-sized dust and fine mist droplets, and achieving ultra-clean removal of soot below 5 mg/Nm 3 .

Second, SPC-3D technical characteristics and advantages

1. High desulfurization efficiency and high dust removal efficiency

When the concentration of SO 2 at the inlet of the absorption tower is 1500 - 15000mg/Nm 3 , the desulfurization efficiency is as high as 99.8% ; when the concentration of smoke at the inlet of the absorption tower is 30-50mg/Nm 3 , the concentration of exhaust fumes is ≤ 5mg/Nm 3 , and the content of net smoke aerosol droplets ≤ 20mg/Nm 3 .

2 , short construction period, small amount of engineering

It can be modified by the original absorption tower without changing the external structure of the absorption tower. Simply furnished, engineering, reconstruction period is 20 - 50 days.

 3 , low investment, low operating costs

The technology transforms the internal components of the absorption tower to realize the integration of desulfurization and dust removal, and the investment is about 30-50% lower than the conventional technology . Moreover, the centrifugal tube bundle type dust collector does not consume electricity, and the resistance is equivalent to that of the defogger.

Operating costs are 20% - 30% of conventional technology .

4 , the system runs stably and has high reliability

It has strong adaptability to flue gas pollutant content and load fluctuation, stable system operation, simple operation and high reliability.

 5 , completely eliminate 'gypsum rain'

 6. Solve the impact of insufficient space on the site

Third, SPC-3D technology demonstration project

1. Shanxi Datang International Yungang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Phase 2 Unit 3 ( 300MW ) efficiency improvement project (commissioned in October 2014 )

2 , a project in Inner Mongolia Datang Tuoketuo Power Plant 600MW domestic coal-fired units 1 machine No. flue gas desulphurization project ( 2014 Nian 12 Yue put into operation)


Fourth, Guodian fresh single tower integrated desulfurization and dust removal deep purification technology review meeting expert review opinions

China Electricity Council in 2014 Nian 12 Yue 20 in Beijing on State Power held a deep integration of desulfurization dust purification technology (fresh single tower SPC-3D ) expert review. The meeting was attended by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Science and Technology Standards Department of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and related units, and representatives and experts from more than 20 units including power generation group companies and research institutes .

SPC-3D technology has strong innovation, single tower efficiency, low energy consumption, strong adaptability, short construction period, no additional site increase, simple operation, etc. It is suitable for deep purification of coal-fired flue gas SO 2 and soot.

The expert review committee believes that the overall level of the technology is novel and advanced, providing an innovative integrated solution for SO 2 and deep purification of soot in coal-fired power plants , improving the efficiency of existing units and implementing special emission limits for new units. Value and depth purification have good promotion value.

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