- Model Pulstronic - Revolutionizing Engine Cooling System


The CLEANFIX Pulstronic can vary the blade angle of the fan and adjust performance in accordance with the cooling requirements demanded by the engine electronics. Thus the most energy-efficient fan power is achieved in every situation – which saves up to 80% of fan power consumption. In 2009 CLEANFIX was awarded the silver medal for innovation and enhanced technology at the Agritechnica trade show.

In order to always achieve the most energy efficiently use of the fan, the CLEANFIX Pulstronic system communicates with the engine control unit (ECU) and precisely calculates the optimal blade position. The CLEANFIX Pulstronic system then optimally aligns the blades on the fan to provide the airflow and static pressure required to meet the ECUs cooling demands.

CLEANFIX Pulstronic continuously communicates the cooling performance and controls the optimal blade position. This can be done independently of the ECU or in conjunction with it. In addition, the CLEANFIX Pulstronic automatically switches the fan blades at full RPM from cooling to cleaning mode at pre-programmed intervals.

It is also possible to reprogram engine ECUs to directly command the blade pitch and cleanout operation of the CLEANFIX Pulstronic fans.

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