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Climatronics Motor-Aspirated Solar Radiation Shield, Motor TS-10 (P/N 100325), utilizes a triple-shield design and fan to provide the constant mass flow rate past the sensor(s) necessary to yield accurate temperature values. This shield is superior to a naturally aspirated shield, which relies on the wind conditions for sensor ventilation. Constant flow plus superior protection from incoming short-wave solar radiation and outgoing long wave radiation make the TS-10 shield a requirement for the most critical ambient measurements.

The TS-10 includes a quick release sensor mount assembly and a motor housing with safety chain to facilitate field-testing and scheduled preventative maintenance. This permits “on-site” calibration without tools. The aspirator motor, which features a recirculating oil bath ball bearing design for the utmost in reliability, provides a continuous fresh air sample to the temperature sensor(s) at a rate of approximately 10ft/sec (3m/s) regardless of the prevailing wind conditions. The combination of forced aspiration with the highly effective triple-shield design insures that measurements errors due to direct or reflected radiation at any angle or temperature range do not exceed 0.2ºF (0.1ºC).

The TS-10 is modified for a dew point sensor by attaching a dew point shield. The shield is designed to provide stable dew point measurements while maintaining a sensor aspiration rate that does not degrade the response of the sensor.

A flow switch to indicate any obstruction of normal air flow or motor failure is available as an option. The device consists of a small vane that trips a SPDT switch, depending on airflow volume. The contacts of this switch are wired to the signal connector and may be applied to an input port of a data acquisition system. The entire aspirated shield is painted with a highly reflective and wear-resistant white paint and comes supplied with hardware for mounting on vertical pipes of various diameters. This aspirated shield will accommodate a variety of temperature, dew point or relative humidity sensors and combinations thereof.

  • Accurate to 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Easy Access to Sensors
  • Quick Release Sensor Mount
  • High MTBF Ball Bearing Motor
  • Accepts a Variety of Sensors
  • Optional Airflow Warning Device

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