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- Model PRG Series - Portable Chlorine Dioxide System


The CLO2IX Portable Systems are the only mobile Chlorine Dioxide production systems. The rugged cart frame is built to take the abuse of going up and down stairs, over hoses, and through wet environments. In addition, the CLO2IX PRG Series Systems offer the flexibility of regenerable ion exchange vessels, which contain more ion exchange capacity than replaceable cartridges. Whether the application is emergency service or yearly cooling tower cleaning, the system consistently produces Chlorine Dioxide by utilizing the company's patented Chlorine Dioxide production method.

  • 0.1 lb/day to 20 lb/day of Chlorine Dioxide
  • Portable Design
  • Regenerable Ion Exchange Vessels
  • Electric and Water-Driven Pump Models
  • Dilute ClO2 Solution Produced – Inherently Safe
  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Rugged Construction
  • Industry-Proven Components

  • Field Trials
  • Emergency Disinfection
  • Yearly Open Cooling System Cleaning
  • Secondary Disinfection Tank Cleaning

Chlorine Dioxide is the ultimate biocide. As a dissolved gas in solution, it can destroy and remove biofilm, eliminate both sessile and planktonic bacteria, and prevent their regrowth without interfering with most water treatment chemistry. As a weak oxidizer, it can destroy odors, clarify, and precipitate iron and manganese from contaminated water sources. As the ultimate biocide, it can eradicate Legionella and other harmful bacteria living and growing in water systems. These properties make Chlorine Dioxide the ideal biocide for most water treatment applications

The CLO2IX PRG System is based on pure water technology found routinely in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries where purity and safety are not optional. Instead of the traditional way of making Chlorine Dioxide by either mixing concentrated chemicals or through electrochemistry, which produces dangerous byproducts, the CLO2IX method combines ion exchange and catalytic technologies to ensure consistent product quality in a rugged industrial piece of equipment.

Inlet Potable Water
A potable water source is required for the system.

Sodium Chlorite
A 25% NaClO2 solution is diluted with potable water, such that the resulting concentration of NaClO2 is 1,250 mg/l.

Chlorous Acid
The dilute NaClO2 flows through the ion exchange vessels, where the NaClO2 is converted to HClO2 through the exchange of the Na+ in solution for the H+ on the cation resin.

Chlorine Dioxide
The HClO2 is converted to dilute ClO2 in the catalyst cartridge. The concentration of solution is a safe 700 mg/l.

The H+ ion in the regenerant acid forces the Na+ ion off the exhausted cation resin. The system must be regenerated manually.

The waste regenerant containing the Na+ ions is flushed to drain during the regeneration process.

Customer reviews

  1. By James Van Camp on

    This system is so easy to use. In 30 minutes after unpacking the crate you can be generating chlorine dioxide. Just plug into the 120VAC all outlet and hook up the water lines and you are in business. Works like a water softener!