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- Close Coupled Motorpump


The Regent Dinbloc is the close coupled motorpump version of the Dinflow centrifugal pump. The Dinbloc uses standard Dinflow pump components, and specially designed support frame and stub shaft to couple the pump directly to a foot-and-flange, metric frame electric motor.


  • Casings and Impellers in combinations of cast iron, bronze, zinc-free bronze and stainless steel
  • Stainless steel shafts – varying grades for specific liquids
  • TEFC motor is standard; others such as flameproof and immersion-resistant may be fitted


  • Close coupled design eliminates coupling mis-aligment problems, and has a cost saving advantage over traditional long coupled units
  • Designed and built to DIN Standard 24255
  • Standard metric motors used; replacements easily available world-wide
  • Mechanical seals are fitted, and are available with a variety of elastomers and face materials to suit a wide range of fluids and temperatures
  • Volute casing with replaceable wear ring
  • Back pull-out design for ease of maintenance
  • Maximum operating pressure 1,600 kPa
  • Flows to 300 L/S
  • Heads to 150 metres
  • Suits both 50 and 60 Hz electric motor speeds


  • General Transfer
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooling Towers
  • Marine ( sea water )
  • Chilled Water
  • Process Industry
  • Water Treatment and Supply
  • Irrigation
  • Food and Drink Manufacture
  • General Industry


  • The following chart will help you with your choice of a Regent pump; for assistance, click on the chart to generate an email (that you can edit) addressed to Regent pumps’ Sales department.

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