Cohesive Lubricants



Lubricating greases: This is a lubricant that stays at the friction point for a long, long time.  Its characteristics are optimum drop point, good oxidation resistance, resistance towards fluid and steam, good temperature stability.  Klueber greases offer a lot more: rapidly biodegradable, electro-conductive, and resistant to ambient media, high load-carrying capacity.

They are mainly applied under extreme conditions.  Metal containing pastes withstand service temperatures as high as 1200°C.  Lubricating pastes consist of base oils, additives, and solid lubricant particles.  They protect against tribo-corrosion, stick slip, and adhesive wear.

Lubricating waxes
A ready to handle lubricant film, combined with good lubricity and excellent corrosion protection, facilitates clean and easy operation and offers an invaluable advantage in the automatic assembly of mass-produced parts.  Lubricating waxes consist of synthetic hydrocarbons of high molecular weight and additives.

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