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The Compac M140 is designed to handle 20 bags per minute per line of 50 kg bags. This equates to 60 metric tonnes (MT) per hour per line or 120 tonnes per hour per unit (2 lines per unit). This is dependent on the specific characteristics of the product.

The fully electronic, double weighing system has been approved and certified for accuracy by The Dutch Weights and Measures Authority (N.M.I.), under licence number T-1356. The system can give accurate weights +/- 0.5% up to a capacity of 110kg.

During a typical bagging operation the Compac M140 bagging machine (running both lines) can be operated in a safe and efficient manner by the following personnel:

  • Supplying Bags: 1 Person
  • Weighing (Bag Clamp): 2 Persons
  • Stitching: 2 Persons
  • Total: 5 Persons

The number of personnel required can vary depending on the specific bagging operation but the above guidelines are sufficient for the majority of operations.

The Compac M140 is designed for use with any free flowing, granular product up to a particle size of 25 mm. It is ideally suited to the handling of cereals (such as rice, wheat & maize), fertilizers, sugar, pulses & beans.

The Compac M140 Mobile Bagging Unit is a specially designed and constructed bagging unit housed in a standard size ISO 20ft steel container measuring 20’ x 8’ x 8’6” (lxwxh). The Compac M140 can be handled with approved container handling equipment.

The Compac M140 contains two side by side bagging lines. Each bagging line is designed to provide bagging of free flowing commodity with a density of 0.70 to 1.25 tonnes per cubic meter at a speed of up to 20 bags per minute per line for 50 kg bags. This equates to approximately 120 MT per hour per bagging machine.

Actual performance will depend on the type of product that is bagged, the speed at which the equipment is fed with product, the efficiency of the operators and how quickly the bagged cargo is taken away from the machine.

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