- Model 3000 - Compact and Reliable Automatic Weather Station



The WeatherMaster 3000 is a robust, compact and reliable automatic weather station designed to suit a variety of commercial, research, agricultural and industrial applications. The WeatherMaster 3000 replaced Environdata’s WeatherMaster 2000 weather station from July 2014. With a powerful data logger to perform complex calculations, remote communications and storage for more than a year’s weather data in the built-in flash memory, this system will suit even the most rigorous weather monitoring applications.

  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Solar Radiation

Compact, Portable & Easy to Install

The compact weather station design makes the WeatherMaster 3000 weather station an obvious choice for remote sites or as a portable weather station. Simple to install, with an integrated levelling bracket, you will quickly and easily have a weather station ready to start recording your desired weather parameters.

Unlike many other compact and portable stations, the WeatherMaster weather station retains a full Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (TBRG) as well as a normal sized sensor shelter for the relative humidity and air temperature sensors. Add the Highly sensitive 3-cup anemometer, Hall Effect wind direction sensor and the full-sized Solar Radiation sensor and the true value of this compact unit is apparent.

Robust & Reliable

The WeatherMaster 3000 has been developed from our 32 years of experience in designing and building weather stations in Australia. This brings you a robust weather station that is designed to last in Australia’s harsh climate. The weather station itself as well as the mounting bracket and post are primarily constructed from Marine grade Stainless Steel and powder-coated Aluminium. The data logger electronics are sealed in an IP66 housing inside the unit. The weather station will survive in harsh environments and provide you a long lifetime of reliable and accurate data.

Your Weather Data, When You Need It

The WeatherMaster 3000 weather station is capable of calculating advanced parameters in its built in data logger.  This can include Evaporation (FAO56 Reference Evapotranspiration), Sigma Theta for Air quality, Thermal Work Limit or Wet Bulb Globe Temperature for human heat stress monitoring, HLI / THI / AHLU for livestock heat stress, fire danger index, chill hours, dew point and more!

Combine this intelligent weather data with either the on-board alarms or our WeatherMation Web Portal weather station software with alerts and notifications functionality and we can deliver your full weather monitoring solution. Your weather data, where, when and how you need it!

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