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- Model 25 - Compact, Fast-Burning Clinical & Medical Waste Incinerator



The VOLKANmed 25 series is a compact yet highly powerful, fast-burning incinerator, ideal for rapid Clinical Waste and Surgical Waste incineration. It can also be used for the disposal of low-medium volumes of Medical Waste, Type 4 Pathological Waste and Red Bag Waste.

Why choose the VOLKANmed 25 series?

The VOLKANmed 25 is specifically designed for use in:

  • Primary Medical Services
  • Hospitals and Surgical Units
  • Private Cosmetic Surgery Practices

The VOLKANmed 25 is a compact, fuel-efficient, easy to operate, clean-burning incinerator, designed to achieve its optimum incineration temperature quickly. It is the ideal solution for low-medium volume incineration, where rapid disposal is desirable. Constructed from high quality materials in the UK, it comes with a free, one year warranty.

  • Easy to use, top-loading incinerator.
  • Ideal for use by clinical support staff, disposing of low volumes of waste.
  • Automatic operation – the main chamber can be loaded and a burn programme selected. The incinerator can then be left unattended until the waste has been reduced to ash.
  • Highly efficient, using automatic high heat-rate burners, low thermal mass linings and timer controls that ensure minimal running costs; a thermostat triggers burner shut-off when optimum temperatures are reached, increasing fuel efficiency significantly.
  • Features an integral secondary chamber for cleaner emissions.
  • With a burn rate of up to 50kg per hour, the VOLKANmed 15 has low capacity status, requiring no planning permission for use.
  • Easily installed on site, it simply requires concrete hardstanding and a 240-volt electricity & fuel supply.
  • Designed for use by unskilled staff – a simple operating manual is provided with each incinerator.

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