Compact Membrane Biological Reactors Plant (MBR) for Wastewater



MBR equipment, completely modular and transportable in a sea-based 40-foot container for wastewater treatment using biological membranes. Biological membranes technology enables a high quality of purified water, totally disinfected without using any secondary decanter or any further tertiary treatment for its reuse (chlorination, ozone, UV, etc.)

MBR system allows you to treat, with the same capacity, a higher flow rate than the one you can treat using conventional technology with activated sludge. In this way, flow rates can be treated with a compact development, and easily transported without costly investment in civil work. The equipment is fully automatic and the maintenance operations are very few, so there is no need for specially qualified staff for the operation of the plant.

This system consists on the following stages:

Aeration reactor: Through the provision of air in this chamber, a bacterial bed is formed for the reduction of BOD and COD values.

MBR membranes module: The biological membranes system separates the  clarified water from the biological sludge, which comes back to the aeration reactor. Clarified water comes out fully disinfected, and there is no need of further tertiary treatment for its reuse in irrigation systems or for washing purposes.

Control module: The place where the aeration and pumping equipment, CIP system for membrane cleaning and the control panel with PLC are located.

Next are listed the main characteristics from the wastewater purification plant via the compact membrane biological reactor HIDRITEC MBR-C:

Flow rate treatment: 200 m3/day to 300 mg/l of BOD (1000 inhabitants) each portable module in a 40-foot container.

  • BOD output from the plant < 30 mg/l.
  • Suspended solids output = 0 mg/l.
  • Faecal coliforms output: Absence.
  • Approximate measurements: 12000 x 2350 x 2600 mm.
  • Possibility of using a remote control for the plant.

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