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- Calcium Peroxide for Soil and Groundwater Remediation


Calcium Peroxide is an oxygen-generating compound used for enhanced aerobic bioremediation for treatment of a variety of contaminants, including petroleum hydrocarbons, some solvents, pesticides, and others. The use of calcium peroxide promotes increased contaminant removal and  provides a sustained release of oxygen (up to 12 months) with no lock up or encapsulation.

The use of aerobic bioremediation technologies is most commonly at sites with petroleum hydrocarbons (BTEX, PAHs, TPH), fuel oxygenates and related compounds (MTBE, TBA). By providing a supplemental supply of oxygen to the subsurface through enhancements such as oxygen releasing compounds, the oxygen is made available to aerobic microorganisms in the unsaturated zone, saturated zone or both.

Enhanced aerobic biodegradation is suitable for sites with low to moderate levels of contamination. For sites with higher levels of petroleum hydrocarbons, it is often used in conjunction with a more powerful treatment method, such as in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO).

Calcium Peroxide

55 pound bags

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Compass realizes that not all project sites are the same. At times, different goals apply to different sites. Our team of professionals work with you to determine what the best solution is for you, both from a cost and project goals perspective. Making the correct choice is critical to success. We would like to work with you on that choice.

Examples of Contaminants Treated

  • BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes)
  • MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether)
  • TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) from light and heavy fuel oils
  • non-halogenated volatile solvents, such as methylethylketone, methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl
  • acetate, acetonitrile, tert-butyl alcohol, phenols
  • PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)
  • some halogenated compounds, such as vinyl chloride, chlorobenzenes, high explosives

  • Solubililty:
    • Practically insoluble in water
    • Soluble in acid
  • pH of a 1% slurry at 25° C: approximate 10.5 to 11.8
  • Loose Bulk Density: approximate lb/cu ft 45-65
  • Appearance: Yellow/white powder

  • Assay: 75.0% min calcium peroxide
  • Active Oxygen: 16.6% min
  • Typical application rates are 2 to 6 pound/cubic yard soil
  • One pound of CaO2 yields 3 liters of O2

  • Open pit/excavation post UST and soil removal
  • Direct injections in the plume (slurry)
  • PRB (permeable reactive barrier)


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