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FEROFORM T11 is a composite material made from woven synthetics fibres bonded with resin including a friction modifier.

FEROFORM T11 provides high compressive strength, durability, dimensional stability, and low friction. Its excellent wear characteristics promote long life, and in turn reduce maintenance costs for the end users.

Applications for FEROFORM T11 include hatchcover pads and slipway pads. It is the material of choice used by the Royal National Lifeguard Institute (RNLI) on their lifeboat launch ramps.


General Engineering

The features of controlled friction, good abrasion resistance, and long life mean that Feroform and Railko grades are well suited for bushes, bearings, thrust washers, and sliding pads in a wide range of applications.

Railko NF bearings are used in examples such as slaughtering machines, packaging equipment, escalators, and glass bottle cleaning equipment where they show long life with low wear rates which reduces operating cost.

FEROFORM T11 with its good wear resistance and dimensional stability is used in waste water processing equipment and lock gate bushes.

FEROFORM PR82 is an excellent general purpose, self lubricating material providing high mechanical strength and wear resistance. With low coefficient of friction, the applications where it is used include hydraulic cylinder head bearings and cranes bearings. It is suitable for both dry running or for use with all common lubricants.

FEROGLIDE bearings with their metal backing are used in highly loaded applications.



FEROFORM and RAILKO bearings offer ship owners, shipyards, designers and OEM's considerable benefits in terms of performance, reliability, ease of use, availability and design. They can be supplied in various forms including bushes, fully machined bearings, staves etc.

FEROFORM and RAILKO bearings provide high compressive strength, durability, dimensional stability, and low friction. Their excellent wear characteristics promote long life, especially in arduous abrasive and sand laden waters. Thus reducing maintenance costs for the end users.

Merchant fleets around the world use FEROFORM T14 for their stern tube and rudder bearing applications, and it has been fitted in more than 8000 vessels worldwide.

FEROFORM T11 and T814 are high wear resistant materials offering low friction rates and are able to operate without need for lubrication, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs. They are a 'fit and forget' solution for applications such as hatch cover pads, slipway pads, stern rollers, davits, deck machinery and marine cranes.

FEROFORM T12 and RAILKO NF21/NF22 are approved and used by Navies worldwide for propeller shaft and rudder bearings, offering reduced stick slip, improved fuel efficiency, lower vibration and reduced wear.

FEROFORM PR18 is an excellent addition to the well established FEROFORM T grade range of bearing materials. FEROFORM PR18 has been fitted on many merchant vessels worldwide and is approved for rudder bearings by all the major marine classification societies. FEROFORM PR18 is the new name for RAILKO RG22 . FEROFORM PR grades provide an economical solution to many marine applications including deck machinery, davits, cranes and many more.

FEROFORM F3637 is used for tank insulation pads for asphalt, sulphur, and bitumen carriers. It has a combination of high insulation, high strength, and controlled friction that means the tanks can expand freely without damage when the tanks are filled and emptied. FEROFORM F3637 pads are a fit and forget solution requiring no maintenance after installation.

Other marine applications for TENMAT materials include hatch cover pads, cutter head bearings, slipway pads, capstans, davit bearings, winches, anchor sheave bushes, and derricks.



FEROFORM F21 and Railko NF grades are used extensively in railway applications where good wear resistance in dusty and aggressive environments is required, and where they demonstrate the advantages of long life and low friction.

Typical applications for FEROFORM F21 and Railko NF include centre pivot liners, side bearer liners, brake linkage bushes, and friction damper bushes.

Railko JLX grade has PTFE surface layer integrally moulded to a backing material. This gives a low friction working surface free from stick slip combined with good load bearing capability which is used for air spring pads and slide pads.

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