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- Compressed Natural Gas Option Combination Sewer Cleaner



Vac-Con is prepared to meet the demands of changing environmental regulations. In addition to its significant and industry-leading line of diesel fuel powered vacuum equipment, Vac-Con offers alternative-fueled equipment to be responsive to specific local air-quality standards. Vac-Con will provide the latest technology in CNG fuel systems with chassis and engines to meet Vac-Con’s high standards for machine performance to provide you with an environmentally responsive combination machine that gets the job done effectively!

This is just another way that Vac-Con provides ‘More (Clean) Power To You!’

Configurations include single and two-engine designs. Two-engine designs are available in CNG power for both engines or with chassis CNG and auxiliary diesel power meeting the latest emission standards for industrial engines.

  • Fabricated metal cabinet with a tool box incorporated into the CNG enclosure mounted behind the cab of the chassis. The fabricated structure is designed to meet all federal, State and local codes.
  • The fuel tanks will be housed in a fabricated enclosure with access doors for each tank on both ends and one access door on the driver’s side for the tool box. Four (4) 16.3” x 85.8 SCI cylinders (estimated 15.5 DGE each) will be used for the DNG fuel storage to give Vac-Con the estimated equivalent of 62.2 (DGE) diesel gallons of fuel storage.
  • All plumbing will be 316L stainless steel.
  • All tube fittings will be Swagelok stainless steel double ferruled compression fittings.
  • Each tank will be equipped with a GFI manual shut-off valve.
  • A Nupro Check valve will be used on the inlet of each tank valve.
  • A Parker solenoid valve will be used on the outlet of each cylinder valve.
  • Each cylinder will be equipped with two PRD’s (thermal relief device) as required by law and the cylinder manufacturer.

CNG Fuel System Refueling Module:

  • A stainless steel fuel panel.
  • Stainless steel Swagelok tube fittings.
  • A Parker high pressure natural gas fuel filter.
  • One ITT high pressure reducing regulator
  • A Parker fill manifold with shut-off valve.
  • Slow and Fast Fill receptacle (located on the street or curb side of the truck)

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