Zhejiang Jushi Pump Co.,Ltd

- Model DB - Cooling Oil Pump


Zhejiang Jushi Pump Co.,Ltd pump is consisted by asealed, self-cooling single-phase or three-phase asynchronous electric machineand single-stage centrifugal pump with high efficiency, small size,light weight, balance and safety advantages of running.

The pump applies to all kinds ofmachine tools, milling machine, grinding machines and other equipment coolingwater supply. Transportation soapy water, soda water, emulsion, light mineralsand non-serious corrosive and other liquids.

To master for wetting systems, the delivery of fuel and lubrication oil supply.Applicable temperature reaches 70DC, also applies to all mechanical equipment,thin lubricating oil, dry oil lubricating oil concentrate device, dispensingvalves, connecting tubes, and delivery of advanced machine tools and otherequipment such as cooling fluid.

  • Type: Centrifugal Pump       
  • Flow: 6-200L/Min
  • Head: 3-4m       
  • Power: 40-450W
  • Material: Cast Iron       
  • Brand: Johames
  • Application: soapy water, soda water, emulsion, light minerals and non-serious corrosive and other liquids.