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Copper Blocker Pest Stopper is a soft pure copper mesh cloth that is packed into openings to keep out all kinds of unwanted pests. The ability to fill voids of all kinds and pack tightly makes CopperBlocker perfect for access control. Use CopperBlocker for snail & slug control around gardens, planters, etc.

CopperBlocker Pest Stopper is a soft copper mesh that packs tightly into gaps, cracks and openings to keep out unwanted pest birds, bats, rodents and insects.

It is easy-to-install, will not rust and outlasts steel wool and expanding foams. To install as an access barrier, simply cut the desired length from the roll and pack, push or stuff CopperBlocker into cracks, gaps and openings. It packs tightly and resists being pulled out by pests. CopperBlocker is available in 100 ft. rolls.

Access control installations are a process of elimination. Careful inspection should reveal any openings or gaps missed the first time.
CopperBlocker Pest Stopper for Snail & Slug Control

Protects plants vulnerable to slug and snail damage. CopperBlocker can be installed much like a miniature fence, held in place with wooden or plastic dowels for posts. When the natural secretions of a snail or slug contacts the copper mesh it produces a small electrical current that the snails and slugs can't stand.

  • CopperBlocker Pest Stopper
  • 100% Soft Copper Mesh
  • Versatile Access Control
  • Superior To Steel Wool
  • Outlasts Expanding Foam
  • Packs Tightly, Holds Shape
  • Quick & Effective Control
  • Can't Be Removed By Pests
  • Seals Cracks, Gaps, Seams
  • Closes Structural Flaws
  • Easy To Cut And Install
  • Economical Access Control
  • Reliable Slug/Snail Control

  • 100% soft copper mesh packs and molds tight
  • 100 foot roll x 5 inches wide
  • Once packed, pushed or stuffed in place, it can't be removed by pests
  • Cuts with common scissors and installs quickly
  • Seals cracks, gaps, seams and small structural flaws
  • As an access control, it keeps out small birds, rodents and insects
  • Packs better than steel wool and outlasts expanding foam
  • Excellent slug and snail control around gardens
  • Economical and quick installing control

Available as single rolls or in cases of 12 rolls

  1. Cut the CopperBlocker to the desired length with scissors.
  2. Stuff, push or pack it tightly into any small crack, hole, gap or opening. Make sure it is tightly compacted so it cannot be pulled out or worked loose.

Access control is a process of elimination.
Inspections will reveal any points missed the first time.

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