- Recycling & Compounding System


COREMA brings together all the benefits of recycling and compounding in one system for the first time. The proven, robust EREMA technology is used to turn recycling raw material (e.g. PP nonwoven fleece, PE edge trim, PA fibres etc.) into a filtered melt which then goes directly to a co-rotating twin-screw extruder from Coperion. With its excellent mixing and gas removal properties, this part of the system can handle all compounding tasks. Besides the dosing of a wide variety of additives, fillers and reinforcing agents can be admixed in doses that are higher than those previously possible with EREMA recycling systems. The result is customised plastic compounds for high-quality applications.

High capacities have never been as easy to achieve as with the new INTAREMA®. Counter Current technology makes it possible. Because the extruder handles more material in a shorter time. And this means for you: constant, top throughput within a considerably larger temperature range. For more productivity, flexibility and process stability.

  • Highest process stability through improved material intake ensures constantly high output over a considerably broader temperature range
  • Higher flexibility and operational reliability with a variety of materials
  • Increased throughputs with the same plant size for more productivity


  • Possible to use a wide range of recycling raw materials flexibly thanks to the patented large EREMA cutter/compactor
  • Proven, robust EREMA technology to provide filtered melt
  • Minimum thermal stress through short, defined dwell times and direct dosing of the melt in the twin-screw co mpounding extruder
  • Proven EREMA gas removal technology with the EREMA cutter/compactor and extruder gas removal
  • Central user interface to control the whole system


  • Increased value added thanks to the use of inexpensive raw materials (e.g. PP nonwoven, PE edge trim, PA fibres etc.)
  • Very low operating costs and minimal specific energy costs through direct dosing of the filtered melt and processing in a single step without intermediate cooling
  • Modular system concept offers optimum adjustment to the respective application
  • Reliable production thanks to robust design
  • Compact, space-sa ving design
  • ecoSAVE® reduces energy consumption by up to 12% and thus p roduction costs and CO2 emissions at the same time

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