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Our crane cab coolers (KTG) are used for cooling crane cabins and electrical switchgear in high-temperature plants (e.g. steelworks, coking plants, aluminium plants), wherever there are extreme ambient influences due to high temperature, thermal radiation, dust and corrosion loads. These extreme conditions in combination with heavy vibrations and shocks require a special design and a special selection of components and materials, which generally cannot meet standard equipment requirements.

To allow the devices to be operated in almost any spatial conditions, we have developed three model ranges:

Standard design crane cab coolers, KTG-H and KTG-V
With the compact design, the evaporator and condenser part are installed in one device, including the refrigerant filling unit. This considerably reduces the assembly work at the location of the end customer/user. The crane cabin or electrical switchgear to be cooled is generally connected via insulated air channels. In addition to the vertical or horizontal design, the air connections for the supply and exhaust air can be connected to the KTG in a variety of ways (up/down/on the side) to make better use of the space available on-site with short pipe sections.

Compact crane cab coolers, KTG 195 and KTG 105

These devices save a great deal of space and can even be flange-mounted directly to cabin or electrical control room using a mounting frame. This allows you to do without any air channels if necessary. These measures are aimed at achieving minimum space requirements.

Split series crane cab coolers, KTG-S
The split series units offer a separate design for the evaporator part and the compressor condenser part (KKT). While the evaporator is in a room where the temperature needs to be controlled (internal device), the compressor condenser part (external unit) is only exposed to the warm ambient air containing dust. With the split designs, the crane air-conditioning unit can be very flexibly adjusted to the existing conditions without requiring space for installing ducts. With larger electrical rooms, several evaporators in various designs can be connected to an individual compressor condenser unit. The refrigeration piping, including the on-site refrigerant filling must be performed by WEISSHAAR or a specialist company.

Corrosion protection options
Often it is not possible to avoid using corrosive pollutants in many high-temperature plants, such as steelworks, coking plants or in the aluminium industry. This is why WEISSHAAR offers a wide range of options to protect the crane cab cooler against corrosion and premature wear.

Compliance with customer-specific regulations and standards
Our crane cab coolers KTG are used worldwide by all leading steel and aluminium manufacturers. Many steelworks and plants have their own factory standard, which WEISSHAAR crane cab coolers satisfy.

Extensions for occupational health and safety and comfort
Our devices offer options for a passive fresh air supply with a protected electric heating unit (basic package) as well as a comfortable automatic control (comfort package) for operator cabins. For high-temperature plants subjected to extremely high dust and particle loads, we offer our specially developed filter unit that is also adapted to the respective state of the air (dust protection option). This filter unit (FLT) largely prevents external air and dust particles from entering the unit. If the air is loaded with carbon monoxide, our filter unit FLT can be fitted with a special CO filter (occupational health and safety option).

Which refrigerant does WEISSHAAR use in the high temperature range?

Refrigerant R134a can be used up to ambient temperatures of 65°C. The widely used and non-flammable safety refrigerant can also even be used over the medium-term according to the F-gas Regulation. The two special refrigerants R227ea and R236fa are still a reliable choice for higher ambient temperatures. There are currently promising alternative developments offered by refrigerant manufacturers as a long-term alternate, which we are currently field testing.

Due to the dimensions, we see problems placing such a device on our crane cabin. It is necessary to convert the crane cabin?

WEISSHAAR has countless standard series models. You can take your time and choose a product with the configuration that meets your needs. There are various designs, which include for example, the compressor unit at the bottom, compressor unit/evaporator unit next to each other, different air supply units and various switching cabinet locations available. If this wide range of models does not meet your requirements, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary advice. We can separate the evaporator and compressor unit components. Here, we are referring to a split version, where the evaporator is installed in the cabin and the compressor unit remains outside. We can of course design customised solutions to meet special dimensions. We will are happy to provide you with on-site consultation.

What solution does WEISSHAAR offer for corrosive atmospheres in particular?

The KTG series completely adapts to the corresponding ambient conditions. We will be happy to provide you with detailed advice for your specific application. WEISSHAAR devices operate in coking plants, galvanising plants and below ground.

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