Crown Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

- Model 12/2FNFG - Flat Neoprene Submersible Pump Cable



Flat Jacketed Type TPE Submersible Pump Cable With Ground. 90°C Dry to 75°C Wet / 600 Volts. Sequentially Marked: 0-500 ft 0-1000 ft.

  • Voltage Rating : 600 Volts
  • Conductor Size : 12 AWG
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.030 mil
  • Temperature Rating : Dry: 90 °CWet: 75 °C
  • Ground Wire : With
  • Number of Conductors : 3
  • Strand Qty./Size : 65/0.010
  • Insulation Nominal Thickness : 0.030 in
  • Weight per M Ft. : 93 lbs

For use within the well casing supplying power to the submersible pump. Maximum conductor operating temperature 90°C (to 75°C wet) in circuits not exceeding 600 volts. Flexible to -65°C. Meets oil requirements of 60°C per UL 83. Also for agriculture, farming and livestock where supplying water is needed.

Annealed bare stranded copper conductors insulated with TPE, running parallel with a flexible low temperature TPE light blue jacket for improved abrasion protection and flexibility in cold weather climates. UL Listed Deep Well Submersible Pump Gable. Grounding conductor sized per UL83

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