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For more than 50 years, CST Covers has been providing custom engineered all-aluminum cover solutions in the potable water market. Large water basins and reservoirs are a particularly difficult challenge to cover effectively to meet surface water regulations. CST aluminum specialty covers have been effectively designed to cover some of the largest water reservoirs world-wide.

CST’s unique “strut and panel” system can be designed to accommodate virtually any reservoir size and shape. Our roof systems employ geodesic dome engineering principles and aluminum components to construct lightweight reservoir covers to meet specific project requirements. CST covers can be designed to be clear-span, truss supported or internally supported by columns.

Whether you have an existing cover that needs to be replaced, or you’re looking for the best cover for a new reservoir, CST has the right solution for you. Ideal for new construction or retrofits, they require little modification of the existing tank.

Perhaps most importantly, CST all-aluminum covers are inherently corrosion resistant and offer strength and durability unmatched by steel, wood, concrete, plastic or other alternatives. CST aluminum cover system provides maintenance free, long lasting (minimum 50 year design life), secure and environmentally friendly fixed cover solutions to protect valuable potable water.

An open body of water is vulnerable to all types of contamination. Surface water runoff, bird and animal wastes, human activity, algal growth and airborne debris can be hazardous to all bodies of water, but uncovered reservoirs used to store finished drinking water are especially vulnerable to contamination. CST Covers, formerly TemcorConservatek, designs innovative clear-span aluminum covers for water storage tanks of all sizes that prevent water intrusion.

In addition to low maintenance, low cost and low profile advantages, CST Aluminum reservoir covers are versatile enough to permit a wide range of accessories important to the water industry. CST’s Covers has designed, fabricated and installed reservoir covers in numerous locations world-wide.

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