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Custom Gas Analysis Systems


CIC Photonics often designs custom solutions for our customers. Often these solutions are based on our standard product lines, including enhancements or modifications to these standard systems. Sometimes, however, our customers need something that doesn't exist. In these cases we will design solutions from scratch and provide our warrantee and guarantee of quality and reliability for the system.

  • Analyzers
  • Enclosures
  • Manifolds
  • Ports
  • Coatings

CIC Photonics is able to integrate different species analyzers as well as spectrometers using our proprietary control software SPGAS.

CIC Photonics can modify enclosures in a number of ways, from dimensions, equipment arrangement and materials, mounting configurations, to environmental control. Port access, transportability, and line connection arrangements can be designed. Environmental controls can include heating or cooling mechanisms such as fans, Venturi or refrigeration systems.

CIC Photonics can manage gas flow through pneumatic manifolds, multiple sampling points, numerous purge lines, and condition samples throughout the sample lines. Port sizes can be accomodated if greater or lesser flow into the sample chamber is required. Flow rates can be accommodated limited by physics and computational power.

Chemical species can be managed by different coatings on the interiors of cells and mirrors. Even the most caustic material will eventually destroy any container, but there are means to reduce the effect and lengthen the lifespan of a cell and its mirrors.

  • Semiconductor Process InSitu Monitoring
  • Combustion Emissions
  • Vehicle Mounted Environmental Monitoring
  • Petroleum and Fuel On-Site Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Compound Analysis
  • Specialty Gas Manufacturing
  • Academic Research

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