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Model DR-C50 - Customer Configurable Monitor



The C50 with  Technology is easy to use. This technology enables customers to easily configure a system for their unique application, rapidly present data, notices, or alarms via a Web Dashboard, or Graphical User Interface allowing for rapid access and visualization of collected data.

C50 Series Monitors are compact and rapidly configured – the best value in transformer monitoring to date!

  • The C50 Transformer Monitor can detect changes in oil temperature, windings, OLTC, insulation, and cooling systems. The C50 is capable of cooling and voltage control.

  • C50 provides 24/7 continuous monitoring of operational and performance data to provide early and accurate indication of the location, type, and rate at which an asset’s operating conditions are changing.

Four Easy Steps to Monitoring Your Assets
Transformer monitoring is made easy for OEMs and End Users, simply connect a C50 to a computer and power the  Technology.

Technology Advantage
Simply connect a C50 to a computer and power the RCt technology. Minutes later, critical asset condition data can be flowing!

Repeat Configuration technology

  • Automatically detects your chosen hardware and presents an accurate Web-based system depiction, rendering the device ready for your application specific configuration.
  • Saves you time and money in deploying additional units. Simply click “Load Configuration from PC” for automated programming of future C50s using existing data sets!

Robust and Compact

Three devices in one. A monitor, control and communications solution with a graphical user interface… all in the industry’s smallest size, which reduces control cabinet costs and space.

Monitoring Dashboard

The C50 Monitoring Dashboard is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring your assets. Logging in to the monitor via a web browser, operators can view the current status of the devices being monitored and alarm history.

The main dashboard provides navigation toolbars and critical electrical, temperature, and alarm status overviews. The dashboard monitoring tab allows for detailed visual presentations of vital operating conditions of your transformer.

  • Real-time at-a-glance load and temperature data
  • Configuration of custom alarms
  • Customized data logging
  • GUI-based configuration of the control unit
  • Configuration of digital output for application-specific control mechanisms
  • Secure remote access
  • OLTC Monitoring
  • Voltage Control

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