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- Model DC4 - Duct Cleaning machine & Brush Systems



Danduct Clean’s DC4 Duct Cleaning machine comes with the newest drive shaft design. Danduct Clean’s light weight shaft constructed of a solid steel coil. This design makes the brush travel precisely in the center of the duct for a distance of up to 30 m. Cleaning of vertical ducts from bottom and up is done efficiently, - even a 90° bend is no obstacle.

Another feature is a time adjustable, automatic left-to-right run system which makes cleaning of square ducts just as easy as round ducts. Just feed the shaft down the duct, and the Danduct Clean DC4 will do the rest. Adjustable speed adds to the versatility of the machine, which will adjust to all cleaning jobs of ducts from 100 mm to 600 mm, round or square.

High quality, craftsmanship and innovative construction; the Danduct Clean DC4 Duct Cleaning machine is your way to a better cleaning job! Please see specifications on the next page.

Rotating brushes provides the most efficient cleaning, and the Danduct Clean DC4 is equipped with special designed brushes made of a combination of 0.6/0.9 mm polypropylene. The Danduct Clean DC4 is easy to operate, and all you need is a standard 230 volt power supply, and you’re ready to go.

  • Power: 230 V Also available at 110V versions.
  • Motor incl. (Frequency converter) : 0,37 KW –1,25 A – 50/60HZ
  • Length: 57 cm
  • Width: 39 cm
  • Height: 28 cm
  • Weight: 23 Kg

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