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- Model HD30.1 - Spectro Radiometer HD30.1


DELTAOHM SpectroRadiometer HD30.1 The HD30.1 is manufactured by Delta Ohm for the spectral analysis of light in the visible range and ultraviolet and it may be of your interest for LED/LightSources quality analysis. The instrument has been designed by combining maximum flexibility, cost reduction and ease of use. The sensor coded HD30.S1 analyzes the visible spectral range (380nm-780nm) and calculates the following photo-colorimetric quantities: Illuminance [lux], Correlated Color Temperature CCT [K], Trichromatic Coordinates CRI (color rendering index, R1…R14, Ra), PAR [μmolfot/sm2]. The sensor coded HD30.S2 analyzes the ultraviolet spectral band (220 nm-400 nm) and calculates the following radiometric quantities: UVA irradiance (W / m2), UVB irradiance (W / m2) UVC irradiation (W / m2)

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